About Us

BookkeepingUCompany has maintained a strong focus on finding smart and innovative ways to offer top-quality audit readiness services. Our services are extended to sole-proprietors, small businesses, and Nonprofit organizations. Our staff of trained professionals have many combined years of accounting and operations experience that focus on tying in accounting and operations to create transparency within your business or organization. You can be sure that we treat your business like our own, with one goal in mind…Yours!

BookkeepingUCompany is a company dedicated to providing services in a convenient and efficient manner. We create systems and processes that provide solutions to everyday tasks that in turn help support transparency. A strong foundation based on systems and processes is the key to operating a successful business or organization.

BookkeepingUCompany is designed to free up your time, to provide solutions to everyday tasks that are so important but often neglected. Outsourcing means you’ll significantly slash the cost of maintaining an Accounting Department or hiring personnel allowing you to save on:

We Can Give You Back The Time You Need To:

"About Us" is really about YOU. We wouldn't be where we are if it wasn't for our clients and referrals.